WEEP God Given Vision is that Sub Saharan Africa poorest weep no more.
Cry with joy!!!


WEEP mission is to systematically spread God’s love, enable millions of poorest women, men and youth find freedom in Christ; and freedom from the destructive evil shackles of extreme hunger, poverty and inequality. We focus on:

  • Training compassionate community based WEEP Facilitators to teach God’s word, serve and step by step self-empower poorest to escape poverty forever.
  • Facilitating WEEP G7 grassroots business formation, management, technical support.
  • Facilitating WEEP G7 micro-savings and micro-loan investment cycles that enable members to trade; put food on the table every day, clothe children and much more.
  • Delivering sustainable grassroots community socio-economic self-empowerment through cost effective critical masses of WEEP G7 Clusters.
  • Following tight Community Based Organisation (CBO) income and expenditure controls; taking immediate corrective action on variances.
  • Forming synergistic strategic partnerships with complementary grassroots CBO and Microfinance Institutions (MFI) tasked to reach out to poorest.
  • Accessing impact; systematically rolling out WEEP Grassroots Business Delivery Model in Cameroon and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa; always giving thanks to God