Train Facilitators & Group Members

WEEP Facilitators are taught to teach God’s word using God’s Holy Bible, WEEP Bible Teaching Guide Book and courses like Alpha, Discipleship, Freedom in Christ and Prayer. They help poorest confidently understand God has heard their cry. And, that they, by using their own God given talents, working hard to ensure their micro-business is profitable, will weep no more, self-empower themselves and their family to be able to:

  • Put food on the table every day
  • Clothe their children, pay school and medical fees
  • Set each other free from the shackles of past (including domestic abuse)
  • Regularly save for the next investment cycle; and do so much more with their lives
  • Thank and praise God for setting them free.

"I can really feel the atmosphere among WEEP G7 members. WEEP holistic grassroots self-empowerment philosophy really catches and impacts all parts of poorest peoples’ lives – social, community, psychological, health, economic, financial and spiritual."

− Beatrice

"I am very happy for what WEEP has done in my life. I don’t know where to start, my joy is so much. I never thought could have a bank account or even go to a bank or sign a document. I now have high self-esteem. I can negotiate any business opportunity. I can pay medical bills and children’s school fees. I can’t express in words what WEEP has done in my life."

− Khres

WEEP Facilitators help facilitate the start up and expansion of sustainable WEEP Micro G7 member owned micro-businesses. Each business with a proven documented track record, grows loan cycle by cycle from micro> small > medium > large business. In this way each member closes the door on spiritual/socio-economic poverty. Each WEEP G7 consists of 7 often illiterate, poor women. Each member is good soil and hard working. They are taught to be smart and diligent. Each makes disciplined, regular, weekly micro-savings ready for their 1st – each subsequent – investment cycle. All members receive on-going group formation, management and technical support 24/7/365 and encouragement through their Cluster/ Grassroots Community Facilitator