Sub Saharan Africa poorest weep no more is a MASSIVE hugely challenging vision dependent on discerning step by step guidance from God’s Holy Spirit, sourcing learning points from others to avoid reinventing the wheel. Cameroon WEEP No More has developed, and uses the following resources. Enjoy reading and using the attachments. Let us know what you think.

1st Mission: Working for God; WEEP Facilitator Teaching and Training

  1. What is Destructive Evil Extreme Hunger, Poverty and Inequality
  2. WEEP No More – Vision and Mission Statements
  3. WEEP G7 Team – Bible Teaching Guide Book
  4. WEEP No More – Grassroots Community Facilitator – Profiles
  5. WEEP No More – Grassroots Community Facilitator – Calling Specification

2nd Mission: WEEP G7 Formation, Management and Technical Support Teaching

  1. WEEP G7 Team – Formation Guide Book
  2. WEEP G7 Team – Management Guide Book
  3. WEEP G7 Team – Technical Support Guide Book

3rd Mission: Buyam Sellem and Mixed Farming Micro-Businesses

  1. WEEP No More – WEEP G7 Buyam Sellam and Mixed Farming Member Testimonies
  2. WEEP No More – Micro-Business and Community Impact Testimonies and Figures

4th Mission: Building Cost Effective Critical Mass Cluster By Cluster

  1. WEEP No More Grassroots Community Approach: Cluster Diagram
  2. Bamenda Cluster
  1. Banso Cluster: not shown on Google Maps

5th Mission: Financial Controls

  1. WEEP No More – Standard WEEP Cluster Income and Expenditure Budget and Actual Format
  2. WEEP No More – Standard CBO Head Office Income and Expenditure Budget and Actual Format
  3. WEEP Grassroots Facilitation Team: Facilitation and Financial Procedures Guidebook: Confidential

6th Mission: Sub Saharan Africa Strategic CBO and MFI Partnerships

  1. Excellent Investment Finance Cooperative Society Partnership Agreement
  2. Advans Cameroon Acknowledgement of Receipt: May 2014

7th Mission Statement: Impact and WEEP Process Sub Saharan Africa Roll Out

  1. WEEP Grassroots Community Cluster, WEEP G7 Member Impact: A-Z
  2. WEEP No More Sub Saharan Africa Grassroots Business Delivery Model
  3. Cameroon Region and Major Cities Maps
  4. Sub Saharan Africa Demographics

The following links play a HUGE role in helping WEEP pray over, discern the way forward to ‘extend the WEEP process to other Regions of Cameroon and countries of Africa’. The listing provides an invaluable immediate way to communicate, link up with other concerned compassionate people and organisations who share a similar vision and mission to WEEP. {The listing is updated periodically as new contacts are made. In time the list will be rearranged to cover each of 35 Sub Saharan Africa countries.}

1st Mission: Working for God; WEEP Facilitator Teaching and Training

  1. Alpha is running all around the globe… Over 22.5 million people have done Alpha. It is running in 169 countries and 112 languages.
  2. Alpha Africa Course, Holy Trinity Brompton, London:
  3. Alpha Africa National Offices:
  4. Alpha Course Introduction:
  5. Amazing Grace:
  6. Becoming a Mom: Adoption and Infertility:
  7. Be Still for the Presence of the Lord
  8. Bible Gateway:
  9. Christian Unity Ministries:
  10. Cornerstone:
  11. Cum Books:
  12. Discipleship Course:
  13. Every Nation Churches and Ministries:
  14. Freedom in Christ Course:
  15. Freed to Lead:
  16. Gideons International:
  17. Hillside Vineyard:
  18. Hillsong South Africa:
  19. His People Christian Church:
  20. Intimate Message from God to You
  21. Jesus, Holy Spirit Come into Our/Poorest World: Sub Saharan Africa
  22. Jesus Film Project:
  23. English
  24. Pidgin, Cameroon / Cameroon Creole English / Wes Cos Language
  25. Mada Language (Cameroon)
  26. Bamun/ Bamoun / Bamoum / Bamum / Shupamem Language (Cameroon)
  27. Joyce Meyer Ministries
  28. Marriage and Parenting Courses:
  29. Open Doors Serving Persecuted Christians
  30. Parenting Course:
  31. Prayer Course:
  32. 24-7 Prayer:
  33. Redeemed Christian Church of God
  34. Resource:
  35. Restored: Ending Violence Against Women:
  36. Revelation Life:
  37. Rooted in Jesus:
  38. Salvation Army International Development:
  39. Son of God: Movie Trailer:
  40. TD Jakes Ministries
  41. Tear Fund:
  42. Word for Today:
  43. World Adoption Day:
  44. Wycliffe Bible Translation

2nd Mission: WEEP G7 Formation, Management and Technical Support Teaching

  1. Africa Cooperative Action Trust
  2. Farming God’s Way:
  3. Food and Trees for Africa:
  4. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition:
  5. Goodbye Malaria: Become a Malaria Warrior
  6. Khan Academy: You Can Learn Anything
  7. Menaa Uganda:
  8. Oxfam International: People Power Against Poverty
  9. Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity:
  10. South Africa Department Agriculture:
  11. UN Food and Agriculture Organisation:

6th Mission: Sub Saharan Africa Strategic CBO and MFI Partnerships

  1. ACCION Investing In Individuals:
  2. Advans Cameroon:
  3. Advans Group Values:
  4. Advans Group Clients:
  5. Advans Group Commitment:
  6. Advans Group Shareholders:
  7. Advans Group Origin, Shareholder Outlines and Board Members
  8. Advans Group Supervisory Bodies:
  9. Advans Group Management Team:
  10. Advans Group Ghana:
  11. Advans Group Congo:
  12. Advans Group Tanzania:
  13. Advans Group Ivory Coast:
  14. Advans Group Pakistan:
  15. Advans Group Nigeria:
  16. Advans Group Cambodia:
  17. Advans Group News:
  18. Advans Group Publications:
  19. Advans Group 2013-14 Annual Report

Advans Group Shareholders

  1. African Development Bank Multidonor Trust Fund:
  2. Commonwealth Development Corporation:
  3. European Investment Bank Microfinance:
  4. FISEA Fund:
  5. FMO: Netherlands Development Finance Company Ivory Coast:
  6. Horus Development Finance:
  7. IFC Microfinance:
  8. IFC and Microfinance Factsheet: 2012
  9. IFC and Microfinance Outline: June 2013
  10. IFC Microfinance: Creating Opportunities In Emerging Markets–+creating+opportunity+in+emerging+markets
  11. KfW Entwicklungsbank Microfinance:
  12. Societe Generale Group: Microfinance therefore helps very small entrepreneurs—often women—to sustain an economic activity and become agents of change.

Continuing A-Z after Advans Group Shareholders

  1. Africap:
  2. Ecobank: The Pan African Bank:
  3. Grameen Bank for the Poor:
  4. Kiva: Loans That Change Lives:
  5. Lend With Care:
  6. Oiko Credit: Investing in People:
  7. South Africa Community Chest:
  8. South Africa Foundation for Alcohol Related Research:
  9. Southern Africa Trust:
  10. Wizzit Bank:
  11. Wizzit International:
  12. ZANE: