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Sub Saharan Woman WEEP No More

WEEP Grassroots Community Cluster, WEEP G7 Member Impact: A-Z

{Source: Micro-business, micro saving, micro-loan impact indicators are based on WEEP G7 Member Testimonies: November 2011: Similar results can be expected in each community, each Sub Saharan Africa country that follows the WEEP systematic grassroots delivery process.}

WEEP measures, evaluates WEEP G7 spiritual and socio-economic freedom impact Cluster x Cluster through WEEP G7 member testimonies and micro-business profitability.

Health Impact

  • Improved health – less sickness in families
  • Now practise better hygiene: “have to have good hygiene to look after chickens otherwise they will die; so we too look after ourselves better”
  • Improved sleep: rest better after working on micro-business
  • Increased number of women stress free, less stressed, more relaxed as time goes on
  • Helping to live longer – good food, good attitude, less stress – can add 20 years to life
  • Now manage own time better: “We go early to work in fields, come back early to look after our family”.

Nutrition Impact

  • Food Always On The Table (FAITH) every day
  • No one in family now goes to bed hungry any more
  • Improved nutrition, now eat well
  • Improved diet: eating better, more healthy food
  • Increased vitamin intake
  • Increased contribution to development and food security

Mindset Impact

  • Now have great hope in the future, especially widows
  • Improved lifestyle – lives tremendously changed – have given up idleness – now use time profitably
  • Improved self confidence and in micro-business – now think and plan a long way ahead
  • Improved self-discipline – now have notion of time, punctual and disciplined in everything
  • Restored dignity – have given up drinking (so have some husbands)
  • Restored self-respect; decreased stigma
  • Increasing emergence out of inferiority complex, being ridiculed and put down by men
  • Improved husband – wife, family relationships – to start with some husbands persecuted women for joining a WEEP G7 – now seen profits making, and encourage wives to press on, and some men want to form MEEP G7 (Men Economic Empowerment Process)
  • More positive attitude to life: building something for family/children, part of a team that will grow, endure for children’s children, for generations
  • Happier: now that have money in their pocket
  • Family can now live as a team
  • Now have a vision in life – no fears for the future any more – like a house, car and travel
  • Now know can be ‘rich’

Environmental Impact

  • Enhanced environmental impact and sensitivity
  • Aware can use pig and fowl droppings to mulch/fertilise soil without buying fertiliser
  • Aware need to plant vegetables on contour – Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT)
  • Aware of inter-cropping benefits
  • Aware of recycling opportunities

Economic Impact

  • Increase in confidence in WEEP process to take them step-by-step up ladder out of poverty
  • Increase in average income per month
  • Increase in average amount of money/cash in pocket
  • Increase in average disposable income
  • Increase in regular weekly disciplined micro-savings
  • Increase in access to micro-loans investment cycle by investment cycle
  • Increase in reinvestment of micro-savings in WEEP G7 micro-businesses
  • Increase in ability to feed children, to take care of family, to buy clothes
  • Increase in ability to manage money – none now used for useless purposes
  • Increase in ability to expand farms to increase crop production and yields
  • Increase in ability to pay rent
  • Increase in ability to create assets
  • Increase in ability to pay off debts
  • Increase in ability to pay (grand) children’s school fees (FRS 20000)
  • Increase in ability to buy scholastic materials and school uniforms
  • Increase in ability to pay medical costs (FRS 20000)
  • Increase in ability to afford transport
  • Increased in ability to look after (aged) husbands

Community Impact

  • Women feel increasingly recognized, valued by husbands and community
  • Increasing sense of social belonging
  • Increasing community participation
  • Increasing confidence can stand up, talk in public, can become active community mobilisers
  • Whole streets will often be filled mostly by WEEP women on (International) Women’s Day

Spiritual Impact

  • Pray for WEEP to continue to grow so can help even more
  • Now use God-given talents
  • Now fully trust God
  • Have learnt to pray without ceasing
  • Now work together with women from other denominations
  • ‘Blessed with five buckets because of their performance and zeal’: Women’s Day
  • “200 women marched pass celebrating in the same spirit of Joy and Happiness”
  • Fruit of Holy Spirit is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Thank God for WEEP

"Many African women in general and Cameroon in particular struggle a lot single handed with no assistance to bring up children, provide food, settle hospital bills, provide clothing and education for children. If WEEP empowers us financially we will soon realise you have in a nutshell empowered and catered for the whole Cameroon family. In fact most of our men are just figureheads in our families, with this, with women being farmers we lack fertiliser and farming tools. Women of this community consider WEEP like Moses in Bible, who led enslaved Israelites out of Egypt. African women, Cameroon women and Banso women are slaves to their husbands instead of being women helping mate as Bible quotes. Through WEEP we shall be able to be financially empowered to combat the economic hardship that has plagued on us by the forces of greediness and self-centredness."

− Tadu, school headmaster

Poorest Women Now WEEP No More. Cry with joy!!!