This lady speaks from her weeping heart on behalf of millions of poorest women throughout Sub Saharan Africa:


"I know poverty because poverty was there before I was born. It has become part of life like the blood through my veins. Poverty is not going empty for a single day and getting something to eat the next day. Poverty is going empty with no hope for the future. Poverty is getting nobody to feel your pain.

Poverty is watching your mothers; fathers, brothers and sisters die in pain and in sorrow just because they couldn’t get something to eat. Poverty is watching your own children and grandchildren die in your arms but there is nothing you can do. Poverty is suffering from HIV/AIDS. Dying a shameful death but nobody seems to care. Poverty is when you hide your face and wish nobody could see you just because you feel less than a human being.

Poverty is when you dream of bread and fish – you never see in the daylight. Poverty is when people accuse you and persecute you for no fault of yours. But who is there to say some for you? I know poverty just like I know my father’s name. "

people with access to micro credit
of these are women ...
... living in extreme poverty (less than US$1.25/day)
world adult population without access to banking services
micro credit total assets
average loan per borrower

US$ billions of ‘community development’ loan and grant funding have been wasted, often with little post project sustainability, beneficiary ownership, responsibility. US$ trillions have been spent on destructive wars, rather than on educating, self-empowering poorest. 2 billion poorest live at the pyramid base. Their weeping and crying for generations has often gone unheard. Few pyramid top decision makers have lived at the pyramid base. Informal settlement shack, shanty town poorest desperately struggle to put food on the table every day, earn a living to keep their family and community together. If there is a government ‘hand up’ budget, it is often siphoned off at different pyramid levels. Little reaches the poorest. Governments deal in time and budget limited projects, not processes. WEEP grassroots community self-empowerment process will deliver for generations to come.

So what is the simple answer? WEEP No More: a proven systematic process that aims to help to eradicate global poverty through:

Well trained accredited local Grassroots Community Facilitators who serve and guide poorest led step by step by God’s Holy Spirit. WEEP – Woman Socio-Economic Self-Empowerment Process is an inclusive hand up – not an addictive hand out approach. WEEP Facilitators know of everyone in their community; ‘good soil WEEP G7 women’: the most likely to yield x100 x60 x30 times
Through microfinance: ‘an important tool to improve livelihoods at pyramid base, millions living at grassroots level. Access to finance is proven to reduce poverty and enable poorest to build assets, increase incomes, and reduce their vulnerability to economic stress’ Source: IFC & Microfinance.