"I am motivated by Jesus’ Greatest Commandment, Great Commission and faith through love in action; and the urgent need to eradicate the destructive evil of extreme poverty, hunger and inequality. God’s Holy Spirit leads WEEP step-by-step. While one woman continues to weep in Cameroon, throughout SSA - like all WEEP G7, WEEP Facilitators and WEEP family members - I will fight!!!"

− David

David Forrest (70) is WEEP Sub Saharan Africa Facilitator. Together with Ernest, he started the Cameroon WEEP Family Network in 2006. He has an agricultural, MBA background. Prior to WEEP he worked 25+ years in developing countries – starting 1966 in The Gambia – mainly co-directing large scale European Commission (EC) integrated (rural) grassroots community programmes. He, like all WEEP stalwarts, has invested a huge amount of time to develop WEEP God-given vision.